Sunday, March 16, 2008



Turn your world to the Abundant Life

God’s way has value, purpose, and gives us true riches of peace, abundance, freedom, good health, and family closeness.

God’s way is a little garden; you don’t even have to own it. Stay close to the land and nature. Many things grow yearly without replanting, including fruit vines, fruit and nut trees as well as vegetables and flowers. You get fresh foods, exercise, sunshine, something of interest and activity; you get abundance to share and help the needy.
Qur’an 3. 15, Psalm 107:31-43

The extra vegetation turns into better soil with composting, and food for feeding animals (useful pets) that give you fertilizer for your land, will mow the extra land in your community, will give you milk to drink and add to the eggs and grains to produce many wonderful foods. The animals reproduce; give you hair, feathers, or skins, etc. for many useful things. The bees from the abundance of vegetation produce honey and wax and pollinate the crops. You get good health, joy, peace and freedom to do things at your convenience.
Deut. 7:12-15, Qur’an 91. 111,112

All these riches come from God and keep your family together with a united effort and delight in what God has given you. By helping in the garden and with the animals, the children learn how to provide for their families.
Psalm 119:97-104. Having many children is a blessing and a security with God’s way. This is true social security. Psalm 128:3 The very young and the elderly can still have a useful life and still learn to love and care for each other.

With the abundance and the sharing, you have a community with no poor among you, and no need for war. This is the love of your neighbors God calls for. In addition, you are at the property daily to keep it in good repair and to enlarge it as you need or desire with the natural things around you.

You get to enjoy the outdoor life
of seeing things grow and having clean air and water around you, BECAUSE, with all this abundance, you have not polluted your environment and you can live a long life on the earth; that is the promise of God !
Isaiah 1:16-20, Deuteronomy 8, Proverbs 28:19; Qur’an 3. 15-19)

Great civilizations have risen and fallen by their own ways, proving that God is true to His word.
When you know
Leviticus 26, you know the past, the present and the future. Create your retirement garden paradise, here and now.

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